From Where Rock Oil on Brazilian Beaches (Also Argentinian Ones Next?)

For people knowing theories of new phenomena in the natural world, it is possible that many of these happens have common casual base. These new facts in natural and infrastructure reality are like these for example: The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. Fire catastrophe of the Lazienkowski Bridge in Warsaw – having gas pipelines – where the ground expands on geophysical and geological layers with distance speed as the one inch for hundred meters for one decade of years (pioneer independent author’s research on and under bridges and viaducts). Also new building and ecological catastrophe of two sewage pipelines together under the Vistula River in Warsaw. Accident in the Sasago Tunnel at Tokio, with widened bolt slots. Many measurements of distance in size of natural objects are not the same in numbers using old conventional surveyor (geodetic) methods and with modern GPS equipment, and these the last are probably changeable in the time for several years (GPS is wrong in distances as compensational system, not inertial one. McKinley – Denali: 1952 – 6193 m, 2015 – 6190 m, or more in 2012. Vistula: 1047 km, 1023.5 km).

Places of beach oil pollutions in Brazil suggest that oil have come with the South-Equatorial Ocean Stream, even from region of the African Oil Shore. And it come from the lithospherical expansional rock cracks or widened mining drill slots (Japanese Sasago Syndrome). Big quantity of this sea oil may be here later the critical evidence of new phenomenon. There are 5000 km from Congo to Pernambuco by the water stream, for about three months of travel time. This Nigerian (?) sea oil has havier contents after such time in the ocean.


The Nuclear-Inside-Generative Slow Size Expansion of the Rock Planet Earth,

Accelerated by Nowadays Human Activity

[School globe model as primeval smaller and totally covered by one continent]


Author (I am human from far country): 09 Nov 2019 / Terranium (Tr) 117

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    How long can this oil leak be? This is the question! Maybe, upto Charleston, Hatteras or even Washington?! It is possible that oil-miners in Africa have no idea that they have long-long leak.

    For more than four billions of years the Earth expanded with average tempo about one millimetre per year. Now – for last about forty years – this tempo accelerated to about one hundred thousands times faster one. That means about one kilimetre per decade of years on the Equator. Now – in the 2019 year – there can be ten kilometres more in length of this global line than in the 1980 one. And GPS satellites can be farther from the centre of the Earth than earlier, like the Moon also is. And the Earth is now hotter inside than earlier, too. It means there, where there go on in little parts every nuclear reactions – having high electric temperatures in latent lightnings existing in the magnetic field.

    Little changes of mass in content of the Earth’s atmosphere cause big changes of intensity in infrared radiation, outcoming from the planet into the cosmic space. Expanding Earth widens not only the ground under bridges and some mining slots over gas-oil caverns, but also does it for the lithospheric plates under the oceans and their tectonic rifts (near 100 % rifts are there).

    This rift widening is the extra source of greenhouse gas methane for the atmosphere, through the ocean water. This oceanic methane is the extra fuel for the atmospheric circulation engine. This „turbocharging” – assimetric for ocean-and-continent system – generates more hot and dry air in California (USA) and Queensland (Australia), and in South-Western Europe, and next fires there in summer and in the secondary way generates more frosty air in the Great Lake States (USA) and in Mongolia (Central Asia) in winter. Air coming from the stratosphere (very dry and frosty).

    These are now the characteristic standard trends in the climate change process. Changes in the atmosphere and inside the Earth have the same base – now the base in giant human activity!

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